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Workout in Summer and Coping up with Dehydration


When your body, due to any cause, loses more fluid than it takes in, it gives rise to overall decline in the fluidity of the body. This situation is called dehydration.

Our body is likely to face the most amount of dehydration in summer and if you’re into workout, due to the rigorous physical activities, your body will require more water than normal to work properly.

In this article, we suggest ways by which you can keep yourself hydrated in summers and tips on how to carry out a workout in summer like a pro.

Pick your slot wisely

In summers, keeping yourself hydrated and working out with the temperature can be very difficult. 

To get a hold of the temperature, one should plan his workout int the cooler portions of the day, like early in the morning or in the evening.

Keep timers to drink water

Your body will lose its capacity to work properly if it stays dehydrated for longer periods. The only thing that is efficient enough to rehydrate your body and provide it with the minerals that it lost during sweating is water.

An adult body needs 3 litres of water daily. In summers, that demand increases as the body is continuously losing water through sweat to cool its internal body temperature. And then working out is like a cherry on top.

Don’t keep your body under-hydrated. Timers will remind you when your body is likely to need water.

Choose the right clothes to wear

Wearing heavyweight, tight-fitted workout clothes in summer can lock the heat to release from the  body and cause skin inflammation and rashes. 

It is advisory to wear light clothes and avoid shocking colours as it traps light and causes sun burns.

Increase the intake of salads and juices

Many fruits and vegetables have high percentages of water in them. Fruits like watermelons and peaches are rich in water content with many useful minerals and vitamins. 

Intake of seasonal fruits in summers is beneficial as it fills in for the loss of minerals and electrolytes through sweating.

These fruits can be made a part of your diet through many ways, like:

Salads: some people like eating a combination of many fruits together in one dish. It is very beneficial after workout in summers when the body needs hydration.

Juices and smoothies: crushed fruits are easier to take in. Many people go for protein shakes and smoothies before workout. It helps the body in regulating water balance and cater the energy requirements.

In summers, your body fluid level is naturally low due to excessive sweating. If you want to carry out a workout, you should drink a lot of water.

With that, picking for a suitable time of the day when the weather is mild can be helpful.

One should wear light clothes to avoid sunburns and rashes.

Fruits can be very hydrating for the body. In order to osmoregulate your body, you should increase the amount of fruits in your diet. 


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