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5 Most Effective Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss


Most 5 Effective Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Shedding off some extra pounds no longer remains a fantasy with today’s effective cardio workouts for weight loss. Compared to regular exercise, cardio workouts can actually help you burn extra fat by increasing heartbeat, pumping blood faster and getting lungs to work.


Cardio works on a simple mantra, that the more oxygen you put in the body, the faster you’ll lose weight. On average, a person must do 30 minutes of cardio every day to achieve the target of weight loss alongside a healthy diet.


Whether you want to burn fat faster or upgrade your cut and dried workout routine, Cardio workouts may work best for you.


Have a look at the 5 effective cardio workouts for weight loss that actually work. 

5 Effective Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

These are the 5 effective cardio workouts for weight loss that actually work.


1. Steady State Cardio

Steady-state cardio is performed in one place for a consistent period.


It can be any exercise from running on a treadmill at a fast speed to stair climbing and other high-intensity exercises. Through steady-state cardio, you can stimulate your breathing and strengthen muscles by doing heavy movements, which helps burn more calories.


2. Tabata

Tabata is another proven Japanese high-intensity cardio and one of the favourites of regular gym fanatics.


In Tabata, you perform 8 equal rounds of any fast-paced exercise for continuous 20 seconds with a 10 seconds rest. In total, you do 4 minutes of intense exercise with regular breaks to alleviate the increased heartbeat.


As a matter of fact, it burns a large number of calories and helps to shed the targeted body part fast while improving metabolic rate.


3. Jumping Rope

This cardio workout for weight loss proves effective in training athletes for improving stamina during athletic performance.


All you need is a jumping rope and an open space where you can jump 20-30 times, depending on your endurance. As an alternative, you can also run straight 8-mile for 15 minutes with a one-minute break after every five minutes.


It helps in strengthening hand and foot muscles, boosting mood and breath in some fresh air.



A good rule of thumb is to try slow jumps first and then gradually go for fast jumps, double under, high knees etc.


4. Sprinting

It won’t be wrong to call sprinting a complete cardio workout for weight loss, shaping butt, calves, abs and strengthening muscles.


You can do sprinting in a number of interesting ways, from running at a steady speed to jog 3-4 laps multiple times. Walking down the stairs repeatedly is also sprinting unless you don’t take long breaks.



Whichever type of sprinting you do, make sure you get an increased supply of oxygen and put pressure on your muscles.


5. Swimming

What can be better than burning fat while having fun inside the water?


Swimming is a tried and tested cardio workout for weight loss that can burn 14 calories every minute. When swimming, you move your arms and legs against gravity, building up extra muscle pressure.



Depending on the type of swimming, you can burn a medium to high range of calories with exercises such as water-treading, freestyle, butterfly, side-stroke etc.



In your goal of weight loss, cardio workouts can do wonders to give you a lean body. It’s far better, healthy and safe than taking pills or starving for days.


There’s no hard and fast rule to do all the cardio workouts mentioned above but choose at least one or two per your body strength.


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